About Eve & Mare

About Eve & Mare



Once upon a time in Nashville, Tennessee, there lived two friends named Eve and Mare. Nashville is a music town, and Eve and Mare would often get together to write songs and play music. One day, Eve had the idea to write songs about some of the things she enjoyed the most when she was a kid. She had lots of fun remembering days spent playing hide-and-seek with her friends or going on boat rides with her family. She showed these songs to Mare, who loved them immediately. They began working together to create kids songs that were entertaining, unique, and most of all fun to listen to and even sing along with.


They played their songs for some kids, and the kids really liked them. They played their songs for some grown-ups, and the grown-ups really liked them too. They played their songs for a producer and he said, "Lets make a CD."


So they did.


And they all lived happily ever after.




Eve  Fleishman grew up in Gainesville, FL and has been singing since she was a young child.  Eve received a Master's Degree in American Studies from Florida State University and spent many years creating educational programs and exhibits for museums.  In an effort to return to her musical roots, Eve attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, earning a Bachelor of Music with emphasis in Songwriting and Performance.


Since moving to Nashville in 2005, Eve has been teaching music to children in a variety of settings.  Her work with the Kid Pan Alley (KPA) project gave her valuable insight as to how to bring the songwriting experience into the classroom.  Assisting KPA Director Paul Reisler, Eve went into several Nashville area elementary schools and helped write songs with over 150 school children.  She strongly supports KPA's mission to enable kids to be "creators of music, not just consumers."


Mare Wakefield has been a professional songwriter since 1997. She has toured nationally, and received many honors for her songwriting.  Mare (pronounced "Mary") has released four CDs of original material, and has headed songwriting workshops at the Tumbleweed Music Festival (Richland, Washington) and the University of Oregon's Cultural Forum. She was also a faculty member for three years at the Oregon Festival of American Music's Summer Guitar Camp, where she taught songwriting classes to children aged 8-17.


From 2001-2004, Mare attended Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music on a songwriting scholarship. While there, she performed at numerous Berklee events and also headed the Songwriter's Forum, a student-run organization which offered students support, feedback and critique on their songwriting. She graduated Berklee Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting in May of 2004. She now lives in Nashville where she continues songwriting and performing, and also writes for Performing Songwriter magazine.




Accolades for Eve & Mare



Eve & Mare named “Best New Artist” finalist in the 2007 Children’s Music Web Awards.



Eve & Mare received Top 10 ranking from judge Gwyneth Butera (Gooney Bird Kids Radio) for The Best Music of 2007 for Kids and Families.



Daddy’s Moonlight Alligator Boat Ride is receiving airplay on radio stations across the country, including XM Kids.



The duo was recently featured as a highlighted artist on the Gooney Bird Kids podcast out of Atlanta, GA.



Eve & Mare  were hand-selected to write the theme song for “Mick the Moose,” a reading program for Nashville-area schools sponsored by WJXA FM, Nashville.



“Thanks for sending Daddy's Moonlight Alligator Boat Ride for me to play on my show.  I love the title song and plan to feature all of the songs over the course of the summer. Keep on rocking ladies!  Your work is much appreciated.”


Momma C

aka Cathy Creed

Kids Kamp/WDBX Radio for Southern Illinois




“I just got your CD today…I LOVE IT.  I’m going to start playing your songs next week; the kids will love them. I will be working on my new show and I am going to get you guys a lot of air time.”


Maty Eitner, 11-year-old DJ

Kids Country Internet Radio

Monroe, OR




"The first time I listened to Eve & Mare, I knew their infectious music and witty

lyrics would make them the perfect pair to write a theme song for our 'Mick's Book Buddies' school program.  Now, thanks to Eve & Mare, ‘everybody knows that reading is



John Tumminello

Marketing Director

Mix 92.9 & 96.3 Jack-FM, Nashville, TN




“My boys love this CD and beg for it the minute we get in the car.  Very original, fun, and entertaining.  It's nice to be able to listen to a kid's CD without gritting your teeth.”


Lori Jewell

Mother of two, Dallas, GA




“My students thoroughly enjoyed the songwriting session with Eve and Mare and felt very proud that they had actually written a song.  I could see what they had learned about cooperation, the writing process, music, and creativity.”


Kathy Vance

Third Grade Teacher

Glen Springs Elementary, Gainesville, FL




“We enjoyed having you perform at our school.  The concert and songs were delightful!  You kept the children's attention for the duration of the program.”


Becky Grube

Head of Lower School

Lancaster Country Day School, Lancaster, PA 




"Eve and Mare's music fits in perfectly with my yoga kids class.  We explore the senses using songs like 'I Smell' and 'Boom Chocolaca.'  The kids really connect to the fun-filled tunes, and I'm thrilled to have found a CD with such high quality music and yoga-friendly themes."


Stacey Loop

Teacher of Yoga in schools (K-8), Austin, TX




“Eve and Mare’s enthusiasm for songwriting is contagious.  Within an hour’s time, they guided my students through the process of creating a song from start to finish.  The students were taught to use rhythm, rhyme, and the art of storytelling to write their very own song.”


Sandra Clifton

3rd Grade Teacher

Glen Springs Elementary, Gainesville, FL




“Blending creativity and humor, Eve and Mare’s songs encourage kids to pay attention to the world around them and playfully open their minds and hearts.”


Gary Kraftsow


American Viniyoga Institute

Makawao, HI