Nashville Songwriters Visit Elementary School for Concert and Workshop


“You rock!” exclaimed one third-grader to Eve Fleishman and Mare Wakefield during their recent visit to Glen Springs Elementary School.  The Nashville-based duo (known as “Eve and Mare”) performed a half-hour morning concert for over 300 students (grades K – 4) and spent the afternoon leading a songwriting workshop for the third grade.


Both teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed Eve and Mare’s performance.  Teacher Mary Jacobs commented, “Anyone who can keep kindergarteners engaged for that long has a real gift.”  The teachers were also impressed with the quality of the songs.  Diane Adams (who teaches students K – 2) commented, “Eve and Mare’s music was some of the best kids’ music I have heard.”


Eve and Mare encouraged audience participation throughout the concert.  The kids enjoyed howling and barking during the song, “The Dogs Are In The House.”  They also learned how to “scat” (sing nonsense words over a melody) in a song called, “The Fly Flew In.”  The crowd favorite was “Daddy’s Moonlight Alligator Boat Ride,” a song inspired by Eve’s childhood experiences in Florida.  (Eve grew up in Gainesville and attended Glen Springs as a child.)


After the school-wide concert, Eve and Mare began their songwriting workshop with the third graders.  They spent 40 minutes with each class (three sessions total), brainstorming for song ideas.  Students led the process, flexing their creative writing skills while learning about rhyme, metaphor, rhythm, and melody.  Each class had a chance to sing as a group and the new songs were recorded at the end of the session.


Students gave an enthusiastic “thumbs up” to both the concert and the workshop.  Student Kelley Graham said, “I liked all the songs – they were cool.”  Another student, Erjay Luza , said, “You help inspire kids and make us follow our dreams.”


To hear sample workshop songs, click here.

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