“28 at Grandma’s House”

© 2009 Eve & Mare

Quiet Sunday, read the funnies

You’ll never guess what’s on its way

There’s no doorbell a-ringing just the kitchen door a-swinging

As we all come together here today

When we gather round the table we see chicken and potatoes

And we know that it’s gonna be a fun day

Then we all sing the blessing in 4-part harmony

We got 28 at Grandma’s house for dinner every Sunday

Our Aunt Bertha, she’s the first one

With her green bean casserole

Uncle Freddy is always ready

With a serving spoon and bowl


Pass the biscuits and the gravy

Don’t forget the mac and cheese

Sister Amy is always saying

Only take what you can eat

Cousin Wendy’s always late

Brings her carrots on a plate

We don’t even mind the wait

It’s just more time to salivate


Grandma’s hummin’ while she’s stirrin’

And she gives each a wink

Grandpa’s itchy, getting twitchy

And steals a pinch of chocolate cake