“Penelope Kebab”

© 2009 Eve & Mare

Penelope kebab is a joint on the corner

We like to grab a bit there several times a week

The owner Penelope takes special orders

Here was a suggestion from our friend Pete

(spoken) yeah, can you make me a sub, you know with salami and provolone? Hold the mayo!

Penelope kebab sub, the joint on the corner

Offering variety each and every day

Sports a new sign with lights around the border

Every time we see it we always like to say

Penelope kebab sub ooh ah (repeat 2x)

Here comes a fam-i-ly craving different flavors

Pappa wants a piping hot pepperoni pie

Hannah’s got a hank-er-ing for a hamburger

What will Penelope say this time

(spoken) Papa: can I get extra olives and anchovies

Hannah: nooo I want a burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce

Papa: Hey Penelope, looks like you’re gonna need a new sign!

Penelope kebab sub pizza burger ah (2x)

Penelope’s happy ‘cause her business is booming

Trucks bring deliveries several times a week

Opens up a package that she didn’t even order

Rubs her hands together as she takes another peak

(spoken) Pen: hmmm, now what am I gonna do with all these tortillas

Penelope kebab sub pizza burger taco (4x)