© 2009 Eve & Mare

Guadalajara, it’s a town Mexico

Guadalajara, for vacation we could go

Guadalajara, speak some Spanish that we know

Way down in Mexico

Guadalajara, shake maracas one by one

Guadalajara, wear sombreros in the sun

We’ll have a fiesta in Guadalajara

Take a bus right through Chihuahua

And we’ll pass Durango too

When we see the sign for Aguascalientes

We’ll know our ride is almost through


Wake up early in the morning (la mañana)

Sunlight on the mountainside (la montana)

Then we’ll go to Magic Jungle (la Selva Magica)

For a roller coaster ride

(spoken) I’m getting hungry; me too

How do we say cheese – queso

How do we say rice – arroz

How do we say beans – frijoles

Let’s have some tacos


Guadalajara, shake maracas two by two

Guadalajara, chase piñatas green and blue

We’ll have a fiesta in Guadalajara

Then take a siesta in Guadalajara

Another fiesta in Guadalajara