“The Tomato Song”

© 2009 Eve & Mare

We got sun for the flowers we plant in the yard

Rain for the garden that grows

We got 2 (4, 6, 8, 10) red tomatoes and hey that’s a start

Come on now there’s one more row to hoe

Don’t you love that dirt-smell on your hands

Soil between your fingers

Come on out we’ll do a gard’ning dance

Sing a melody that lingers


How’s about zucchini down this line

We’ll put a row of corn here

Artichokes and basil and sweet thyme

Lettuce, peas and more dear


There’s a lot we ain’t got

Swimming pools and great big yachts

Limos in the city

It ain’t fair but I don’t care

‘Cause I feel like a billionaire

Every time you’re with me