“The Fly Flew In”

© 2007 Eve & Mare

I sat down this morning to have me some toast and jam

I was perfectly rested, the way I usually am

Then I opened a window to get some fresh air

Who do you think I found waiting there?

The Fly Flew In, grinning a grin

(hoping to get in this way)

We don’t even have a swatter

I think we oughta get one right away

The Fly Flew In

He went straight for the table; I didn’t have time to think

He landed so lightly, rubbed his back legs and winked

That’s when I waved my hand and told him to shoo

What do you think he decided to do?


(He dove into my breakfast tray)

I tried to ignore it, the whole big ugly affair

But he zoomed around wildly – a zig here, a zag there

So I thought I’d retire to a quieter scene

How do you think he responded to me?


(Buzzin’ round the house all day)

I’d finally had it; I just couldn’t take it no more

I rolled a newspaper and chased him all the way to the door

Then I screamed in frustration with my mouth open wide

Who do you think flew right inside?

CH: x 2 + tag

(Then he flew back out the same way)

(Buzzin’ round the house all day)